Own Your Voice, Girl!

Does your God-centered online business suffer from a shortage of great prospective clients?  

You’re a gifted coach, speaker, author, or therapeutic practitioner. You know you have a divine message and mission to help people transform their lives.

But what exactly is it that you’re supposed to say online… every single day… to attract these people?

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”I had been doing creative work for a few years, but by time I came to Lisa Maria I had a jumbled up, fragmented story and zero clarity. After one call, Lisa Maria uncovered the common threads that wove through all of my projects and crafted beautiful words to help me to share those threads with the world. Her input not only brought clarity to my work, she brought abundant energy to every aspect of my business and ministry!” — Angela H., Pennsylvania

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As a woman on a mission, do you find that you…

  • Are great at listening, but not so great at sharing yourself?
  • Don’t know what to say or do online to attract the right clients?
  • Fear you will come across as pushy when marketing your services?
  • Worry often that someone will criticize your God-given message & mission?
  • Have a launch or event coming up and don’t know how you’re going to sell or fill it?

You want change in the next 90 to 180 days.

You want to sell out w

ithout feeling like a sell-out.

Financially, you need your new book, program, product or event to gain traction the moment it hits. But you don’t know how to attract the right people in advance.

You spent a lot of $$$ on business coaching already hoping it would help… yet online marketing only got a casual mention. You know you’re supposed to BE on social media.

But that doesn’t help you every day when you open your phone and sit down at your laptop, and have a brain meltdown trying to figure what to say on Facebook or Instagram…

Or worry that what you want to say might turn them away…

Or listen to your spouse, who’s harping on you that you’d better not share anything personal online…

Or schedule memes and quote cards to a schedule ‘til you’re blue in the face….

Or just shut your laptop again in disgust and decide you’ll come back later, when you can finally deal with how much hate speech is in your feed. 

Can I get an “amen” here?

You have big dreams for the kind of visibility and impact your work will have. But fear of actually being seen and heard (and, let’s face it, possibly judged)… or worries about how overwhelmed you’d get if you actually succeeded…. always get in the way.

Sometimes you feel that when you open your voice, nothing comes outLiterally.

If truth be told, you’re disappointed in yourself. But you can’t seem to identify exactly what to do differently to show up courageously and wow your prospects online.

Bottom line: you need some marketing help stat. With a step-by-step process for getting your voice out there. And support to ensure you actually implement and stay on track until launch day. 

Because if you don’t… your business is going to end another year as a glorified expensive hobby.

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Hello, my name is Lisa Maria.

I know how disempowering it can feel to realize you’re not getting through to the people who need you. But I also believe God desires for you to find your unique voice, fearlessly proclaim His message, and freely express yourself on every platform. Because you can’t be hired if you can’t be heard.

I’ve always loved writing, words, visuals, and communication in general. Combine that with my passion for 1:1 and small-group transformative education… and with me as your coach, you have a powerful, results-oriented advocate on your side.

I spent ten years in educational and corporate communications roles. My work brought me onto every size marketing project, from big multi-platform marketing campaigns for top Fortune companies in a variety of industries, all the way down to grassroots community awareness efforts for local and regional start-ups.

But all during that time, I had a secret.

Even though I could marketing other people’s stuff really easily, I could barely express my own wants and needs. And market myself to the right people when I finally started a business of my own? Forget about it.

I’d write, write, write all day long to inspire others and practically give away the farm. But when it came to leveraging my own voice and my gifts to advance my God-given mission in the world. Well… let’s just say… I felt like I had duct tape slapped over my mouth and I just couldn’t seem to peel it off.

Enter a few life crises and a dramatic story about losing everything I held dear.

In that terrible moment… the kind I had feared deep down, all of my life… I realized a choice to make: keep quiet and lose what was left, or finally let my authentic voice out once and for all.

Over the next four years, I learned how to show up, speak up, and get what I wanted—the powerful and authentic way—by owning my voice. When I returned to starting my own business again… this time in a foreign country, no less!… I brought my voice to the table as my most valuable marketing asset.

A year later, I generate almost all my business from online marketing. And I absolutely love every minute of it.

I can’t wait to help you do the same.

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Thank you SOOOO much to Lisa Maria for the monthly coaching call I had last night!! From stressed, overwhelmed and tears, to a revelation of fearless and free – in under an hour!!”
— Christina J., Canada

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Do you want to…

  • Overcome the shame, self-judgment and uncertainty that keep you quiet online even when you want to speak up?
  • Have a plan for telling your personal story in a way that hooks your audience?
  • Write sales copy that you knew would get a “yes” consistently?
  • Know what to do to turn post comments into private conversations that get a sales call?
  • Leverage your social media in tandem with your website and email list to hit or exceed your launch targets?

OWN YOUR VOICE, GIRL! is a small group coaching experience that helps you free your God-given voice, finesse your heart-centered business message, and find your ideal clients online. It is by invitation only. (Read on to learn how you can get one.)

Traditional social media or marketing coaching focuses on tactical execution—how to beat Facebook’s algorithm, use the right Instagram hashtags strategy, Decide what time of day to post, etc. I got trapped in these endless loops of information early in my business.

Here’s the thing I learned!

You can do “all the right technical things”… and have an audience of 10K… yet still not be getting any leads, inquiries, or book-ins for your sales calls.

All that technical training on how to beat algorithms or get to the top of a hashtag is immensely valuable… IF you are trying to grow a decent-sized following AND already have solid cash inflow from clients.

But if your follow is less the size than your old high school right now… AND YOU WANT/NEED TO MAKE SOME MONEY NOW… you need something else far more than a hashtag strategy. 

When you are trying to turn your business into a solid enterprise…. you need content that naturally and organically grows your audience, no matter what time of day you post.

You need support to address the emotions and mindsets that have kept you from fully showing up before now. And you need an exact plan of action for what to post each day. And how to engage people in groups and communities online through private messages.

OWN YOUR VOICE, GIRL! is a step-by-step marketing implementation program that helps you unlock new income streams, opportunities, and relationships.

Have you downloaded your copy of my free guide?
This will give you a taste of everything we cover in Own Your Voice, Girl!

The good news is: once you deal with the root thoughts, beliefs and emotions that keep most women entrepreneurs silent and small online … and start implementing a simple, actionable marketing plan that feels good … the results take care of themselves. 

Once you feel fearless inside and totally freed up to just work the right plan, you will be amazed at how your motivation and results in your online marketing are right there waiting for you!

NOW is the best moment to do this work, because it’s the only moment you’ll ever have. And with your launch upcoming… or another year of low income and impact looming… every day you wait to begin is one day less to find the right people. I work with passionate, committed women who are hungry to see results right away.

And to facilitate your success, I’ve done more than just film a course or create your plan documents for you. I do even more than just get on a call with you and brainstorm. I’ve created a whole community of supportive women to cheer you on.

In fact, this course is unique precisely because it brings together every element of success: Coaching, Curriculum & Camaraderie!

OWN YOUR VOICE, GIRL! includes not only private coaching calls, online curriculum, and daily accountability (for your implementation) … but also Includes access to a private community … ensuring questions and challenges get handled immediately, while providing you with new friends who share your passion for business and ministry.

With your coach available weekly in the community, there’s no chance of getting lost, discouraged or stuck in a negative spiral. And the group model keeps it all super affordable—especially if this is your first experience with coaching.

Together we get deep-down into the roots of your online marketing, including:

  • Owning your voice, your desires & your gifts
  • How to identify your very specific unique ideal audience
  • Creating a happy, healthy relationship with the idea of marketing
  • Identifying your core message and related subtopics for content
  • Writing killer posts that get sincere engagement from the right people
  • Daily scheduling that feels good and doesn’t become unmanageable
  • Leveraging online communities and groups to friend the right women
  • Turning comments into private conversations that lead to sales calls
  • Using your online interactions to grow your email list and blog

The results? Well, they speak for themselves., grow their businesses, discover tr authentic voice, express themselves with confidence, embrace a positive viewpoint on marketing and sales, write their dream book, and so much more …. often after years of procrastination, confusion and setbacks online!

The comment I repeatedly hear is, “Finally, I feel like my real voice is coming out and I have the results to prove it!”

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to get where you want to go. But you likely won’t get there without a community. I certainly didn’t.

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Right now, you are trying to solve your problem on your own.

I was taught to “be independent” and figure things for myself, too. That is, until I realized that my self-study was one step forward, two steps back.

I was only getting parts of the picture, trying to put it all together on my own with no one to guide me.

My independence was useful; however, to break through my deepest blocks, I also had to invite an experienced guide along and open up to a safe, supportive community.

If you could figure this out, you would have done it by now.

When you tap into the power of group support and see the benefits in your mind, heart, body and soul … you will be hooked on the results.

I was. And I can help you do this, too.

Here’s How My Invitation-Only Small-Group Coaching Works:

The heart of your transformation happens through a 6-module implementation-driven curriculum and 6 coaching calls with me. Each targeted, practical video workshop is full of examples and specific steps. Plus, you get done-for-you posting templates and rinse-and-repeat systems for daily implementation!

All of this is complemented by full written curriculum for each module, journaling and reflection questions, and check lists. Weekly bonus teaching, accountability and Q&A happens in a private online group.

Clients Receive:

  • 6 video workshops (13+ hours) of content + bonuses
  • Step-by-step implementation curriculum to use online immediately
  • Journaling, reflection questions & action steps for finding your voice
  • Private Facebook community with likeminded women
  • Weekly Q&A + additional Facebook Live teaching
  • 6 1-hour private coaching sessions

OWN YOUR VOICE, GIRL! typically takes place over three months but some clients elect to do it in six months. (However, you will have lifetime access to the curriculum and notes.) Women often ask me, is it really possible to see change in 90 days?

The answer is: YES.

As a coach and as someone who’s undergone A marketing transformation herself, I’ve found that it’s possible to get results immediately Online. My serious clients do! But don’t take my word for it…

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What Past Clients Are Saying

“In the past, I’ve really struggled with being uncomfortable enough for the necessary changes to happen in my life. Thanks to this work with Lisa Maria, I can handle being uncomfortable more than I did before. Plus I can feel the change happening!! — Aprill P., Virginia

“Lisa Maria has been a blessing in my life for the past two years and I have had the pleasure of being her client twice in this time. First was a group coaching program. Then I decided I wanted to up level even more and signed up for one on one coaching. It was the best decision I ever made! While working with Lisa Maria I finally took the first steps towards starting my own business – a dream I’ve had for several years. Lisa Maria helped me move through all my fears, mental and emotional blocks and finally take the first steps towards my dreams. Her wisdom and her ability to see clearly what is going on behind the ”stuckness” is priceless!” — Birjees K., Texas

I am in awe and of God that although so much in my life is still undone I feel so together, focused totally fearless and FREE! Thank you Lisa Maria for allowing God to use you in this way, your a Glorious Vessel of beauty and I love you dearly!” — Chantel A., Florida

“Lisa Maria’s ability to lead by sample is her strength as a coach. She never asks me to do something she hasn’t done herself. As a result, her insights are practical—not theoretical—and that has made all the difference for me. What I love about her coaching is that it never leaves me feeling self-critical, only self-reflective. This gentle approach was a welcomed change to the harsh inner voice I used to listen to, and very healing.” — Heather O., Georgia

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What Are You Waiting For?

Yesterday is over. Tomorrow is not promised. Your moment is now.

It’s time to fully express your voice online, fill up your roster with amazing clients, and step into the destiny you have always known God was promising to you.