Here’s what women are saying:

“Lisa Maria has been speaking transformation into my life for almost a year now. She is a wise, patient and insightful coach. Just listening to her opened my mind to things that immediately resonated with a part of my ambitious heart that had been wounded over time. I’m closer to God than ever before, and am taking steps to live out my purpose in life. I’m grateful for Lisa’s influence in my life. ” — Rosella A., Connecticut

“Thank you SOOOO much to Lisa Maria for the monthly coaching call I had last night!! From stressed, overwhelmed and tears, to a revelation of fearless and free – in under an hour!! I’m very visual, so took a few minutes to scribble up some of her best advice and post it around my work space, this morning. BRILLIANT!!” — Christina J., Canada

You have so blessed me through your coaching style and encouragement. Thank you for being caring yet firm, thus enabling me to now follow a career path I can love for years to come.”  — Kimberly C., California

“Working with Lisa has really improved my mindset. When I met her, I was shy and hesitant with what I wanted from life and very unsure of my decisions. I had a bad relationship with money. In all honesty, I was afraid of setting goals and having vision. I love Lisa’s way of coaching & guidance, her patience, simplicity and knack for communication. Her encouraging and artistic approach to vision, goals, femininity, creativity, life, love and literally all areas of life is what got me hooked on and completely changed my mindset, and how I view myself and the world around me. For me this helped me step outside my comfort zone and see how wonderfully made I am by our Creator. I am truly enjoying my freedom and have seen breakthroughs in many areas of my life. I feel lighter and more positive and my faith muscles built. Thank you Lisa for being more than a friend & for being part of my life. I am truly blessed.” — Michelle B., Dubai

“I love following Lisa Maria’s posts and photos. Her advice from our coaching last year has radically changed my life and my creative process for the better, and she continues to inspire me with her journey.” — Mary S., Pennsylvania

Lisa Maria is a a thoughtful and compassionate coach. She’s done a lot of research and provides you the powerful tools needed to overcome barriers to your success, feel empowered, and realize how to live the life you deserve. It’s not a quick fix. It takes time and she’s right there with you.” — Donna P., Wisconsin

“All of these are so inspiring and powerful. My biggest ah ha came when I felt the HOly Spirit tell me, “I’m enough, I’m complete and I’m ready!” The lessons in the 90 Days to Be Fearless and Free course have led me to total freedom to be me, free from any guilt, shame or blame. I’ve grown even closer to God and given myself the compassion I used to seek from others. I also have manifested a free car and the intimate relationship I have always prayed for. I am in awe and of God that although so much in my life is still undone I feel so together, focused totally fearless and FREE! Thank you Lisa Maria for allowing God to use you in this way, your a Glorious Vessel of beauty and I love you dearly!Chantel A., Florida

“In the past, I’ve really struggled with being uncomfortable enough for the necessary changes to happen in my life. Thanks to this workshop with Lisa Maria, I can handle being uncomfortable more than I did before. Plus I can feel the change happening!! — Aprill P., Virginia

“Lisa Maria has been a blessing in my life for the past two years and I have had the pleasure of being her client twice in this time. First was a group coaching program. Then I decided I wanted to up level even more and signed up for one on one coaching. It was the best decision I ever made! While working with Lisa Maria I finally took the first steps towards starting my own business – a dream I’ve had for several years. Lisa Maria helped me move through all my fears, mental and emotional blocks and finally take the first steps towards my dreams. Her wisdom and her ability to see clearly what is going on behind the ”stuckness” is priceless!” — Birjees K., Texas

“I am really getting a lot the coaching. I realized I have so much fear in my heart it sometimes blocks me from experiencing joy. In fact, during this course, I have taken huge steps in my personal life and broken some fear barriers already.” — Wanda K., New Brunswick

“Lisa Maria’s ability to lead by sample is her strength as a coach. She never asks me to do something she hasn’t done herself. As a result, her insights are practical—not theoretical—and that has made all the difference for me. What I love about her coaching is that it never leaves me feeling self-critical, only self-reflective. This gentle approach was a welcomed change to the harsh inner voice I used to listen to, and very healing.” — Heather O., Georgia

”I had been doing successful creative work for a few years, but by time I came to Lisa Maria I had a jumbled up, fragmented story and zero clarity. After one call, Lisa Maria uncovered the common threads that wove through all of my projects and crafted beautiful words to help me to share those threads with the world. Her input not only brought clarity to my work, she brought abundant energy to every aspect of my business and ministry!” — Angela H., Pennsylvania

“Lisa Maria holds me accountable, and she’s real. She speaks the truth and doesn’t care about the consequences. That’s rare. People who are hired say what they want—even coaches often don’t tell you the whole truth like Lisa Maria does. But along with her truthfulness, she’s a great encourager, and she has helped me open up to whatever God has for me. Before we met, I didn’t have any cheerleaders in my life to believe I could step into the amazing dreams I have. I’m blessed to have Lisa Maria.” — Shannon P., Wisconsin