90 Days to Be Fearless & Free — a digital course

Do your desires always feel like they are just out of reach?

You’re a goal-oriented woman of action, but every step forward is a struggle. You’ve read the books, attended the conferences, put in hours of effort. But something is still missing. And you need some answers fast.

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“When I met Lisa, I was shy and hesitant with what I wanted from life and very unsure of my decisions. I had a bad relationship with money. In all honesty, I was afraid of setting goals and having vision. Lisa’s encouraging and artistic approach is what got me hooked on and completely changed my mindset, and how I view myself and the world. I stepped outside my comfort zone and have seen breakthroughs in many areas of my life.” — Michelle B., Dubai

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You want change in the next 90 days.

More income. More options. More fulfilling relationships. Genuine purpose and true love. Whatever your deepest heart’s desire, you don’t want to stumble around anymore hoping for the best.

If you could, you would hire a 1:1 coach to tell you what to do, but their rates are so high. (And secretly, you wonder if it’s all a racket anyway.) Besides, with everything you already spent on solutions, your husband will raise an eyebrow if you ask to buy yet another high-ticket offer.

But that doesn’t help you on Monday, when you’re facing an anxiety attack after you sit down to prospect for clients. Or hitting the “delete” button on a story you just spent days writing. Or counting up the money and realizing it doesn’t add up. Or surviving yet another grueling day, only to realize you don’t have time for yourself… again.

You have big projects and plans. But fear, procrastination or disappointment always seem to sabotage them. If truth be told, you’re disappointed in yourself … but you can’t seem to identify what’s blocking you.

Bottom line: you need legit support on a very limited budget.

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Hello, my name is Lisa Maria.

I know how disempowering it feels to believe the support I need is totally out of reach. But I also believe God desires to provide for you exactly what you need to reach your next level—so you can experience the limitless life He created you to have.

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The lessons in the 90 Days to Be Fearless and Free course have led me to total freedom to be me, free from any guilt, shame or blame. I’ve grown even closer to God and given myself the compassion I used to seek from others. I also have manifested a free car and the intimate relationship I have always prayed for. I am in awe and of God that although so much in my life is still undone I feel so together, focused totally fearless and FREE!” — Chantel A., Florida USA

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Welcome to 90 Days to Be Fearless & Free

Feeling confused about what to do next to receive your deepest heart’s desire? Want a trusted coach walking by your side? And a community to cheer you on?

What if you could:

  • Release all the shame, guilt, doubt and self-loathing?
  • Reprogram negative thoughts to be positive and proactive?
  • Clarify your unique desires & gifts using a proven method?
  • Overcome the fear, doubt and procrastination once and for all?
  • Take steps necessary to receive success with total confidence that you deserve it?

90 DAYS TO BE FEARLESS & FREE is a self-paced, group-coaching journey to identify and resolve hidden success blocks.

Traditional love, money, creativity or success teaching focuses on surface-level strategies and tactics. Often it does not address the emotions and mindsets that keep us stuck. If you have “done all the things” —yet find yourself running in place—you need something much deeper.

90 DAYS TO BE FEARLESS & FREE is a spiritually-oriented experience will unlock brand-new income streams, opportunities, and relationships for you. The good news is: the same root thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect every area of your life … so you can expect change in all areas, not just one.

Once you identify and dissolve your blocks compassionately, you will be amazed at how your motivation and results take care of themselves!

NOW is the best moment to do this work, because it’s the only moment you ever have. I work with passionate, committed women who are hungry to see results right away.

And to facilitate your success, I’ve done more than just film a course. I’ve created a whole community of supportive women to cheer you on.

In fact, this course is unique precisely because it brings together every element of success: Coaching, Curriculum & Camaraderie!

90 DAYS TO BE Fincludes not only online teaching and activities in a beautiful portal … but also access to a private community … ensuring questions and challenges get handled immediately, while providing you daily accountability and friendship.

With your coach available weekly in the community, there’s no chance of getting lost, discouraged or stuck in a negative spiral. And the group model keeps it all super affordable—especially if this is your first experience with coaching.

Together we get deep-down into the roots of your success, including:

  • Owning your core desires & gifts
  • How to feel better in your life, right now
  • Cresting a happy, healthy relationship with money and sales
  • Setting good personal boundaries around toxic relationships
  • Healing chronic procrastination, self-doubt & self-sabotage
  • Opening yourself up to love even if you’ve been hurt before
  • Practical strategies for rest, relaxation and natural stress relief
  • Leveraging the gift of your femininity to get results more easily
  • Tangible, day-by-day life transformation

The results? Well, they speak for themselves.

My clients have used this course to launch businesses, explore new love, become confident at sales, overcome depression, write their dream book, and so much more …. often after years and years of procrastination and setbacks! The comment I repeatedly hear is, “Finally, I feel like myself and have the results to prove it.”

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to get where you want to go. But you likely won’t get there without a community. I certainly didn’t.

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Right now, you are trying to solve your problem on your own.

I was taught to “be independent” and figure things for myself, too. That is, until I realized that my self-study was one step forward, two steps back.

I was only getting parts of the picture, trying to put it all together on my own with no one to guide me.

My independence was useful; however, to break through my deepest blocks, I also had to invite an experienced guide along and open up to a safe, supportive community.

If you could figure this out, you would have done it by now.

When you tap into the power of group support and see the benefits in your mind, heart, body and soul … you will be hooked on the results.

I was. And I can help you do this, too.

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Here’s How This Affordable Group Coaching Works:

The heart of your transformation happens through 12 targeted, practical video workshops full of examples and specific steps. This more than 13 hours of content are complemented by full written transcripts of each workshop, journaling and reflection questions, and inspired actions. Weekly bonus teaching, accountability and Q&A happens in a private Facebook group.

Clients Receive:

  • 12 video workshops (13+ hours) + bonus content
  • Step-by-step written transcripts & curriculum
  • Journaling, reflection questions & action steps
  • Private Facebook community with likeminded women
  • Weekly Q&A + additional Facebook Live teaching
  • One 1-hour private coaching session

90 DAYS TO BE FEARLESS & FREE takes place over three months. (However, you will have lifetime access to the curriculum and notes.) Women often ask me, is it really possible to see change in 90 days?

The answer is: YES.

As a coach and as someone who’s undergone transformation herself, I’ve found that it’s possible to get results immediately. My serious clients do! But don’t take my word for it…

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What Past Clients Are Saying

Lisa is a wise, patient and insightful coach. Just listening to her opened a part of my ambitious heart that had been wounded over time. Now, I’m closer to God than ever before, and am taking steps to live out my purpose in life.” — Rosella A., Connecticut

“In the past, I’ve really struggled with being uncomfortable enough for the necessary changes to happen in my life. Thanks to this workshop with Lisa Maria, I can handle being uncomfortable more than I did before. Plus, I can feel the changes happening!” — April P., Virginia

“I am really getting a lot the coaching. I realized I have so much fear in my heart it sometimes blocks me from experiencing joy.” — Wanda K., New Brunswick

“I love Lisa Maria’s coaching because it is never self-critical, only self-reflective. This gentle approach was a welcomed change to the harsh inner voice I used to listen to, and very healing.” — Heather O., Georgia

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What Are You Waiting For?

Last season is over, and your moment is now. It’s time to fully express your desires and gifts in the world, and step into the destiny you have always known was meant for you.