I help women live fearless, free and fulfilled lives by expressing themselves fully in life and business.

My spiritually-anchored, results-oriented teaching guides you to discover and dissolve hidden communication blocks and invites your authentic voice to surface.

I teach women around the world through self-paced online courses, group coaching programs, and private intensive coaching.

“Lisa Maria, I’m so grateful! You have so blessed me through your coaching style and encouragement. Thank you for being caring yet firm, thus enabling me to now follow a career path I can love for years to come.”

Kimberly C., California USA

My best clients are motivated, self-starting women who are committed to overcoming their obstacles at all costs. We work quickly and flow with the Holy Spirit’s direction, along the path of a proven step-by-step journey.

Please note that I do serve women from both faith-based and non-faith-based backgrounds. I welcome both types of clients. However, I’ve found that my faith-based clients get the best results as we incorporate prayer and prophetic work into their teaching.

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