It’s Time to End Your Wait…

My brand-new book, YOUR WAIT IS OVER, is available for free for a limited time!

The deepest desires of your heart feel so close, you could reach out and touch them. Except that you never do.

No matter what you try, something always stands in your way—an invisible glass wall that stops you just when you get close to what you want.

I know what it feels like to smash your face into that wall again and again: The relationships that fizzle out or leave emotional scars. The great creative ideas that turn into big messes. The business concepts that drain bank accounts instead of filling them.

Success is so close… so juicy… and yet so completely unreachable. The more we repeat these cycles, the more fear, procrastination and disappointment come to rule our hearts.

While these situations might seem unrelated to arbitrary, they are not.

Any time we are repeatedly blocked from receiving our heart’s desire, something else is going on.

Something deeper.

That’s why I wrote my new book, YOUR WAIT IS OVER: A Woman’s Guide to Ending Cycles of Fear, Procrastination & Disappointment so You Can Finally Receive the Desires of Your Heart.

(You can request your copy by sending me a message. It’s that simple!)

This practical workbook-style guide is based on my own three-year journey from a mess of broken dreams to the tangible fulfillment of everything I had ever asked God for. 

For years I had struggled, sweat and strived to birth my dreams, only to watch them all shatter in one unexpected moment.

This devastating experience actually became my salvation.

Month by month, God began to show me why my effort-based achievement attempts had ultimately failed. Then He graciously led me into a brand-new way of receiving my heart’s desires—in half the time, with half the effort, and double the tangible results.

Along the way, I discovered a startling truth:

Most of my waiting was self-inflicted.

God was not waiting for some arbitrary point in time to hand over my desires. He was waiting for me to fully and deeply say yes to His radical and unconditional love. I wanted to be given gifts, yes. But deep inside, I was unwilling to receive them. And for years, I didn’t even know it.

YOUR WAIT IS OVER will guide you through the same discoveries, equipping you to identify and dissolve your own internal success blocks, so you can collapse your timeframe from desire to fulfillment. It doesn’t matter if you have been waiting for your biggest dreams for years. I believe God desires for you to claim that gift… right now… and this book will show you how.

In this dynamic guide, you will learn things like:

– Why your heart’s desires actually do matter
– The deepest desire on the heart of God for you
– 5 internal success blocks that keep desires stuck
– 4 social and spiritual sources of our toughest blocks
– The 2 operating systems that determine what you receive
– How to shift from fear and self-protection to radical openness

YOUR WAIT IS OVER is based not just on my journey, but also on the experiences of the dozens of women I have privately coached over the past few years. I have seen this process work time and time again—unlocking new relationships, new jobs, new creative inspiration, new adventures, and many others heart’s desires that were delayed for years. I am excited to see how it blesses your life and the lives of those around you.

For a limited time, a draft version of YOUR WAIT IS OVER is completely free to the public to read and share.

To receive your copy, please send me a message through my contact form and request a private link to the PDF.