Art Gallery

Creating lush, prophetic art to share with others has always been one of my deepest desires. As a child I took art lessons and learned the “correct” way to paint, but self-criticism and perfectionism robbed me of much joy from that process. All the training ended up paralyzing my innate and highly spontaneous creativity.

For many years as a young woman and adult, I struggled to make anything at all. God has finally given me back my self-expression. And I’m so grateful! Now I throw out “the rules” and allow God to take control of my brush and pen. I’m not always sure what will come out–but the process is deeply satisfying for me. I’m told it’s also a blessing to others!

I hope you enjoy my work, and that it inspires you to let go of any perfectionistic tendencies you may have that block you from channeling God’s endless flow of creativity.

(Most recent work is shown first.)