Need an agency that “gets“ you?

For serious female Christian influencers online, only serious female Christian marketing support will do.

Let the Hello Lisa Maria team help you get your message out.

So many Christian women entrepreneurs and emerging online influencers have contacted me recently to say something similar:

“Hello, Lisa Maria. Can you handle my marketing for me?”

The funny thing is, God had literally been speaking to me about this for years. But I wasn’t ready to listen until now. (Because, you know, communication blocks… and because I was learning how communication and content work in my own buisness).

But in 2020, the time is right and I am ready to go.

Welcome to 🌻Hello Lisa Maria🌻, the communication agency.

This year… in response to many requests… I am putting together a nimble team of content writers, marketers & communication specialists for a full-service agency that takes a creative, courageous and distinctly Christian approach to marketing communication.

Staffed by women for women, the agency supportS God-inspired entrepreneurs and influencers worldwide to spread their message and mission primarily through digital means.

  • If you are a God-inspired female entrepreneur or influencer in North America, South America, Europe or Africa….
  • If your message has a prophetic tone or you consider yourself “prophetic”….
  • If you are ready to get serious about a professional approach to your content…..

    And if you are excited about pioneering something brand new….

Then 🌻Hello Lisa Maria🌻 just might be the perfect partner for you.

Interested? Contact me here.