About Lisa Maria

Welcome, Sister. I am so glad you stopped by. We each have a story to tell. Here’s a bit of mine.

I am a communication catalyst for motivated women of faith who have a message to spread in the marketplace. My work touches on all aspects of self-expression, from personal voice to branding to messaging to marketing. But always with a prophetic twist. 

Sometimes I serve as a coach for a woman who’s reclaiming her voice after years of listening to everyone else’s. Sometimes as a copywriter for a woman-owned startup. Sometimes as a marketing strategist for a book launch or ministry project. Sometimes as a social media consultant for an online coach or consultant who wants a following. Sometimes as all four at once!

The hats (or headscarves) I wear in this work are many. My collection is always growing. But in every role, I’m committed to championing the voice of God within you. And helping you take action on the mandate He’s given you to get your words out there

Especially if you feel like no one’s listening yet.

I never dreamed of having a marketing career.

I am a lifelong lover of words. I got my MA in English Language and (later) took courses toward an MFA in scriptwriting. In my daydreaming, I imagined being an English teacher somewhere in remote Asia while moonlighting as a novelist.

But God had other ideas.

Through a “chance” conversation with a Christian friend who had just started a marketing agency, I ended up sitting at a desk learning the copywriting trade. That “little” agency is now on the INC 1000 list. And God used my visionary friend to point my life in a whole new direction.

Before I went solo, I worked for ten years on marketing strategy for everything from regional brands to globally-recognized market leaders in a wide variety of industrIes. Since then I have also helped known influencers and lots of influencers-in-training attract their tribe online. 

For the record… everything I teach, I do in my own business. My impact and my income directly depend on the strategies I train my clients to use. That’s how I know they work!

I believe that as a divinely-guide woman, you have a capacity to speak with greater anointing to invite connection and gather community.

In today’s marketplace ministry context, communication tools like branding and marketing are some of the most powerful out there for finding and ministering to the people you’re called to help.

Ultimately, I believe God intends for your message to foster Belonging. Identity. Breakthrough. Momentum. And a movement.

Yes, you know you have a movement in you. Come on… don’t be shy. You don’t have to hide that big dream of yours with me! But it’s going to take more than dreams and wishful thinking to get your message in front of the people who need it most.

It’s going to take some serious strategy, a plausible plan of action, and a commitment to truly courageous communication to find the right people and getting them on board.

Why am I so passionate about the courageous part?

My Dubai partner-in-crime, Sima. She works for cuddles and fish.

Well, because I’ve had to live it myself.

Even though I said I am a “lifelong lover of words,” due to painful past experiences, it took me many years to hear God’s voice and get up the courage to speak my message freely.

It took even more years for me to grasp exactly how to leverage my words to create connections and community, and ultimately attract a steady stream of my God-intended clients.

Once I paired a proper marketing strategy with the mental and emotional commitment to speaking up no matter what… miracles began to happen.

So when you’re sitting there, confused as heck about how to present your message, or terrified to introduce a controversial topic, or just feeling too anxious about all those eyeballs on you… I know how that feels. Deeply know.

I just don’t want you to wait as long as I did to break the silence. 

Time is short. Your God-given message is weighing on your heart. You know the Holy Spirit’s been prompting you that your moment is now.

Let’s roll up those girly sleeves of ours, ‘cause there’s a lot of work ahead to get it out there.

I have enough faith—in God and in your message—for both of us. 

It’s your turn now.
Send me a message with your story!

🌻 🌻 🌻