I Want To Speak Up, But I’m Surrounded By Brilliant Voices Already—And They’re Intimidating! What Now?

You’ve had that little nudge in your soul for a long time now:

There’s a message that’s been given to you, and only to you, and it’s time you speak up.

You know deep-down that your voice matters.

But the problem is…

You work in a business, or an industry, or a ministry, that is already full of brilliant people with something smart and savvy to say. Adding your voice to that mix feels completely unnecessary. A bit scary. Maybe even a tad presumptuous.

How to do you free your voice and your message from the intimidation factor… and shake off the feeling that whatever needs to be said… must have already been said?

1) Recognize that your voice is more than your content.

Voice is not just about what you say. It’s about how you say it. This is your presence, your passion, your point of view, even your tone of voice! I

Ten people can say the same thing and you’ll get ten different ways of saying it. So guess what? When people listen to you, they’re not just attract to what you say but to how you say it.

Could the brilliant people you’re thinking of say the same thing as you? Yes, and no. Their content might be identical when they deliver it, but it would not have the same impact. This is why this message has been placed on your heart. No one can deliver it exactly like you can.

2) If current influencers took your attitude, nothing would get said or done.

Think about all those brilliant people you’re referencing when you say, “The world might not need my voice.” If those same people had taken your attitude… nothing would ever get spoken or accomplished in this world!

We tend to look at the most influential, articulate people and focus on who they are now, not who they were when they started. Many influencers did not become really well-known until they’d been on their soapbox for years already and written several books that no one had ever heard of.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reach the level of the people who are currently inspiring you.

3) The current deficits you see… are the areas your voice is meant to address.

Very often when I speak with women who feel they have a message to share, but are holding back, it turns out that their message addresses current deficits in the organization or industry. They are afraid to share that message because of who it might offend. Or because they say, “Well, more brilliant minds aren’t addressing this, so what if I’m just making a big deal out of nothing?”

To this I say, 9.9 times out of 10… you are the one who’s burdened about this issue because you are the one who is intended to fix it. It is perfectly logical that you would feel impelled to speak up on an issue that needs addressing… because you’re the leader people need in that particular area. So embrace your vision of the deficits and the solution. Don’t wait for someone else to speak first!

I know it can be tough to insert yourself into a conversation that’s already in progress, where lots of super smart, witty and opinionated people are already in dialog.

But that conversation needs you. The world needs you.

Not everyone will like what you have to say…

But the right people most definitely will.

Speak freely, sister!


Lisa Maria

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