6 Myths About Social Media That Keep Your Online Business Broke & Stuck

Any time you struggle to get eyeballs, ears, clicks or sales in your online business, community project or ministry… one (or more) of these false beliefs about social media is most definitely at play. Change your thinking. Change your life. Change your results.

Know you should be marketing your business on social media, but feel like you are tearing your hair out over it?

Hair loss is not cool, my beautiful friend. (Especially not with hair like yours!) 

Well now you can save your follicles and trips to the salon… 

Because today I’m going to bust some of the deepest myths out there that keep beautiful, empathic women entrepreneurs, creatives and world-changers broke and stuck in their online enterprises. 

Take these to heart. Push yourself past your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed what starts happening for you online. On ANY platform. 

Yes, while platform-specific strategies and best practices do exist, a lot of social media runs on the same core set of principles. Get these basics right, and you will be an incredibly strong position to own your voice, spread your message, gather and grow your audience, and yes… ultimately, sell. 

I know… because I’ve dealt with all of this personally in my business — where my global income is based on social media sales. What I am telling you works for me every single day!

Blessings and enjoy!

MYTH #1 — Social media is different from in-person interaction.

TRUTH: It does not. Being a nice person, making connections and influencing people online is very similar to doing the same things in face-to-face interactions. It just requires a little more planning… and some care to ensure that communication comes across as intended in the digital environment.

Most female entrepreneurs, ministers, and change-makers I speak with are magnetic in person but unfortunately shut all that down when they get online. To reach your people, you must translate your natural in-person interaction style into video and posts. It will feel more natural for you to simply talk and act as you do in person… and it will naturally attract others.

MYTH #2 — If your content is good, people will notice that you exist.

TRUTH: Waiting to be noticed does no one any good, in life or in business. As my mentor Tamara Lowe often says, “The comfort zone is the coffin zone.” If you are comfortable hanging out on the edges of the conversation… or always posting about stuff that is NOT your business, ministry or project… you’re probably letting your enterprise die on the vine in the process.

The fact is, people’s attention goes where it’s directed. The “good girls are seen and not heard” story from our youth was a fallacy. Good girls, who genuinely desire to help the people around them and make a difference, actually direct people to look their way.

MYTH #3 — You need a large audience in order to find your buyers.

TRUTH: How is that working out for you? Not well? Okay, there you go. If I had a dime (or a dirham) for every female entrepreneur who’s told me, “I”m not going to market heavily on social media until I have a larger audience,” I’d be retiring to Chiang Mai right now… to sip cocktails on the beach, lounge in a hammock, and market to my social media.

My first product launch netted about $15K …. and I did it with a few hundred social media friends and 40 people on my email list. You don’t need a large following. You just need to do something with the one you have. Right now.

MYTH #4 — Don’t post too often, or you will alienate people.

TRUTH: Platforms reward frequency and consistency. They also deliberately control how many people see what post… so if you are posting just a couple times a week, have fun building a business with that! (Except that you won’t have fun at all… because you won’t get much traction.)

The fact is… while you are stressing about whether or not it’s “appropriate” to speak up right now, someone else has already talked a lot, and directed your audience’s attention their way. (See Myth #2.) That person could have been you. Why shouldn’t it be?

Often the only thing standing in our way is our own story that we have to measure out our communication just like we’d measure out flour in a recipe. Once you grasp that, regardless of what happened in your past, you now have the power to talk as much as you want, whenever you want, about whatever you want…. online business gets much easier.

MYTH #5 — People will ask you about your business first.

TRUTH: This is as damaging or worse than Myth #2. Waiting for anything to happen on its own is like waiting for the sky to fall in: unlikely to happen in your lifetime. Why? Because attracting things naturally without effort is not the same as waiting for them to happen. I repeat: attracting things naturally without effort is a proactive strategy. Waiting for them to happen on their own is not.

The reality is that you must make offers… lots of them… and many of them will be personal offers made after you develop a relationship in direct messages.

Yes. You must be willing to get lots of “no” responses in order to find enough “yes” responses. This means dealing with your fear of rejection… which is about 90% of the reason we don’t ask people for anything in the first place. (The other 10% is pure lack of strategic thinking… but that’s another topic for another day.)

MYTH #6 — If you post about you, you will look needy.

TRUTH: Social media is all about you. People follow people. They buy from the people they know, like and trust. If you are not posting about you, your life, your journey, your triumphs, your challenges, your thoughts, your insights… and doing so often… you are missing the whole point of this amazing medium of communication we currently enjoy.

Most of the brilliant, enterprising women I speak with still deliberately downplay their own lives in their feeds because they don’t want to look like they are seeking attention.

The remedy? Seek healthy attention. Lots of it. Become the girl who wants and knows how to get eyeballs on her. Preferably more than feels comfortable.

You will be amazed that if you have something truly uplifting, challenging and substantive to say… instead of looking “needy,” posting about yourself will end up positioning you as a leader. Which you are.

2 thoughts on “6 Myths About Social Media That Keep Your Online Business Broke & Stuck

  1. I love this Lisa Maria! I just need to know what to do! I’m finishing the long social media teaching today on IC with Coaches Zack, Tam, and Jillian. I need a couple business accounts and I’m trying to figure that out while combing through my website pages to get that in order at the same time. I’m really trying to learn Kajabi. I just input two more testimonials on my own with pics and that looks good. I am about ready to write my blogs there too. My daughter wanted to help me with SM but she didn’t know which accounts I needed to move forward. If I understand correctly, I FIRST need a business FB Page… then a business INSTAGRAM. Is that correct? I also need to change my bio on Linked In to reflect Transformed Souls rather than Soaps of Hope? I still have to get my new email hello@transformedsouls.com set up onto my new computer and my phone… so for this comment, I’m putting in my regular email below. I need to set up PayPal and stripe on Kajabi… and my calendar. I think I like the flexibility of Acuity based on feedback I have gotten. My husband was going to help me but he has been too busy so I am going a little slower.


    1. Hi Rachelle, so awesome to hear all of this! Yes — you will definitely need a proper plan for what to say online, how to structure your posts for engagement, where to be and when, and so forth. I actually would NOT advise a business FB page at all at this stage.

      I go more into depth on that, and work with women 1:1 on their actual social media planning and content, in my program Own Your Voice, Girl! When the time comes, I think this would be perfect for you: https://hellolisamaria.com/voice/



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