My Business Is Struggling. What Do I Do?

The digital age has made entrepreneurship accessible for more women than ever before.

Every day, our social media feeds are jammed with shiny images of women who are creating more money and time for themselves than ever before.

You started your business thinking you’d be the next poster child for entrepreneurial or freelance freedom…

But one month, one year, or one decade in, you’re still struggling just to get buy.

You know your services have value, and you give 110% of yourself to the work. Craft and dedication are not the issue. The problem seems to be getting other people to see your real value, or even if they pay the right price, getting cash flow to stabilize in the more uneven months. 

You thought the solution might be business coaching, or joining a network marketing company that provides you with ready-made products, marketing scripts and training. But even though you hired the right person or company who taught you smart strategies, somehow, it’s still not working for you.

You’re frustrated. Stressed. Ready to throw in the towel… except that the prospect of 9-to-5 employment away from your family makes your soul feel like shriveling up more than it already is.  

What’s wrong with this picture? 

As a mindset and success coach, I see this scenario every single day. And for years, I was the poster child for this toxic spiral of hope—disappointment—financial distress. Even if recent years, any time I have found myself wandering away from the truths I discovered that finally set me free… I find myself right back into that spiral again. 

In these situations, we’re usually tempted to look at the business model itself as the culprit. But the cause for this issue is rarely a lack of strategy or skill (though both are important to cultivate). Rather, the cause lies within us as business owners. 

We are so focused on getting the business to work, we’re not focused on ourselves. 

Therein lies the whole problem. 

Think about it with me: you may want your business to work, but how physically, emotionally and mentally well are you?

Are you physically, mentally and emotionally well enough to keep up with the demands of that business once it becomes successful? Do you struggle just making it through the week due to environmental, personal, family or job factors? Are you truly ready to thrive?

If the answer is “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second, then you have your answer as to why your business is struggling along.

Your business can only at the pace YOU can go. 

The solution, then, is not to focus 100% of your attention on the business. It’s to focus 100% of your attention on you. This includes things we tend to deem frivolous or extraneous. Things like filling up your emotional cup,  healing your relationship with and mindset about money, getting adequate nutrition and rest, and distancing yourself from toxic relationships.

All of these things… as “unimportant” and “unrelated”as they seem to hitting sales targets… will cripple your momentum if not dealt with. 

Consider it this way. 

  • You want to help other people reach your goals… but are you consistently able to reach and exceed yours?
  • You want to help other people heal their bodies… but are you prioritizing yours on a regular basis with inadequate nutrition and rest?
  • You want to help other people organize their lives… but is yours organized first?
  • You’re a career coach… but are you consistently ending up in toxic workplace environments yourself? 
  • How about being a business coach… when your own business is struggling? 

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then the solution to your business woes is not to work harder on the business. It’s to release your grip on the tactical aspects of the  business itself so you can turn your energy toward your own well-being and become a walking testimony for what you want offer. 

Thriving in business means you must be a match for what you want. When you embody what you teach with radiance and joy, people naturally want what you have.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have to learn how to sell, or how to market yourself more effectively, or how to 100 other business tasks. You’ll still need coaching. But you won’t be fighting through your fear, doubt, procrastination and inertia to enact what you’ve learned. 

You won’t be fighting for every sale anymore either… because you won’t be selling a vision your life does not back up. People can pick up on that energy subconsciously even if they don’t know it. You also won’t be trying to get your business to gear up to a pace you can’t even sustain at your current level of mental, emotional and physical health. 

To quote an ancient proverb, “Physician, health thyself.” 

I promise you, your finances, health and your business will take a radical upshift when you stop letting them distract you from focusing on YOU. Your healing, your well-being, and your personal joy will also enable you to attract more money, more opportunities and more fulfilling relationships. 

The more you are radiant and at peace, the less you’ll have to worry about where anything (including the next client) is coming from. 

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Lisa Maria, this sounds great. I want to work on feeling better in every aspect of my life, but I need money fast.” 

Totally hear you on that. 

So work on bringing in money fast. Change your mindset and your approach to your work. You might also have to realize that the fastest route to cash right now might not be through your business. 

If you say to yourself, “My well-being matters more than anything else, and my service to the world flows out of my well-being,” you will have a much easier time deciding what to do next.

Whatever you need immediately for your well-being is the right next step for you. Even if it doesn’t look like the Instagram feed you’d envisioned having by now.

(By the way, when you prioritize healing, wholeness and joy, counterintuitively, the external resources you need—like money—will take care of themselves. I’ve seen it again and again and again… too many times to say it was a random occurrence!)

When I’m denying myself and my needs in order to bring money in the door, I actually make less money.

Not kidding.


Because I’m trying to pour out into others from a bone-dry cup that isn’t being consistently filled up. 

As Jesus said thousands of years ago, “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Maybe it’s time to work on the skill of receiving?

Maybe it’s time to hit “pause” on your business so you can give yourself the same love, care, attention and healing you’re trying to give everyone else?

That kind of shift might seem like moving backwards or losing time. But I promise you, it will pay dividends later… and ultimately get you further, faster. Plus, you’ll be healthy, joyful and living from an abundance mindset. Which feels waaaaaaaay better than running on fumes.

At the end of the day, YOU are your business. And when your business isn’t working, it’s a sign that YOU aren’t working, somewhere deep within. 

You have permission to stop and take care of you. 

I promise. 

– / – / – / –

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