MINI-WORKSHOP: Identify the Roots of Your Love Blocks

Have you ever wondered why love is just so painfully hard to get … and hang onto?

Or have you ever wondered why that, no matter what you do, your romantic, family and friend relationships seem to be full of suffering?

Could it be that you’re meant for something more in your relationship or community life … than the drama, rejection or non-committal-ness that seems to be everywhere you turn?

I can’t exactly answer questions 1 and 2 (just yet) … but I can say the answer to question 3 is a resounding “YES! YES! YES!”

If you find love difficult to attract or keep—in ANY kind of relationship (not just the romantic ones)—the problem likely isn’t your external situation, no matter how frustrating that situation is.

Let me repeat this: the problem isn’t your external situation.

It’s your internal orientation when it comes to love.

You see, you can “think positively” and try to have faith when it comes to love in your conscious mind. But if you haven’t cleared out deep-seated limiting stories regarding love that live in your subconscious mind, you’ll always find yourself at “cross-purposes” (as Christine Marie Sheldon often says) regarding connection and intimacy.

In this 15-minute power-packed video workshop, I lay out 4 critical questions that take you deep into the story about love and intimacy that drives your subconscious thinking … and by extension, your conscious behavior.

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