FREE MASTERCLASS: Identify the Roots of Your Financial Blocks

Have you ever wondered why money is just so darn hard to get … and hang onto?

Or have you ever wondered why that, no matter what you do, the highest-earning days of your life seem to be behind you?

Could it be that there’s something more going on in your financial life than Just a hard season of life or a few “bad breaks?”

I can’t exactly answer questions 1 and 2 (just yet) … but I can say the answer to question 3 is a resounding “YES! YES! YES!”

If you find money difficult to make, keep or multiply, the problem likely isn’t your external situation, no matter how frustrating that situation is.

Let me repeat this: the problem isn’t your external situation.

It’s your internal orientation when it comes to money.

You see, you can “think positively” and try to have faith when it comes to money in your conscious mind. But if you haven’t cleared out deep-seated limiting stories regarding money that live in your subconscious mind, you’ll always find yourself at “cross-purposes” (as Christine Marie Sheldon often says) regarding prosperity and abundance.

In this 15-minute power-packed video masterclass, I lay out 4 critical questions that take you deep into the story about money that drives your subconscious mind … and by extension, your conscious behavior.

This 15-minute video workshop might be the most important you ever watch when it comes to finally receiving your heart’s desires in the financial realm.

This is where you will begin to identify what’s really holding you back from having what you truly want when it comes to money. Because one of the biggest things that stands between us and our desires is money, and our ability to receive more and more of it.

All my clients know that I am continually working on this area in myself. So everything I teach you in this area is something I’ve worked on (and am working on) myself. I know it works from my experience and that of many other women!!

In the next few weeks we’ll also look at 4 critical questions for your love life blocks and your creative blocks. So stay tuned.

For right now, grab a pencil and paper! You’ll want to write these eye-opening questions down, as well as your immediate gut responses. And when you’re done, send me a message below to tell me what “ah-has” you got from this workshop:

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