As The Moon Goes: Biorhythms in Creativity

Writer’s Note: This post is one of many I’m sharing from a blog I wrote several years ago called The Scrappy Storyteller. Though the blog is no longer live, I’m sharing select posts here, as a part of my quest to reconnect with and celebrate past iterations of my creative self. This post is also the 1st of 3 to explore natural planning and cycles in advance of the astrological New Year on March 21st.

Maybe in the rush of modern life, we’ve lost some vital knowledge about how to order our lives for maximum peace and productivity. It’s time to find our natural rhythm again.

Last week I wrote about the creative power of resting from our labors once in awhile.

Creative hibernation is a practice I plan to make every winter from here on out.

Hibernation, after all, is part of a kind of yearly cycle, and one toward which most of us have long lost our sensitivity. The modern pace of life (not to mention 24/7 luminescence through electric lighting) encourage us not to listen to our bodies or the natural cycles our ancestors followed for thousands of years.

Another of these prominent cycles is the lunar cycle.

It hit me recently that natural rhythms, especially the rhythm of the waxing/waning moon, probably have a lot of insight to share with us about how we work most effectively. Yet I’ve never heard anyone speak about this rhythm (or any rhythm, in fact) in terms of creative production. And I know very few people that actually plan their lives around them.

That’s about to change.

Recently I started researching the lunar calendar, specifically for how I can use it as a planning tool to bring my business and my art in harmony with them. Upon reflection, I have come to that believe these rhythms were set up by God for us to follow, for our own benefit. We learn so much else from nature. Why not this?

One of my early finds for taking this step was this lovely Moon Calendar for Entrepreneurs by Pink Elephant Academy:

This year, I started to plan my business activities (and now my art too) using this calendar. Then I made my own (as you can see above).

I’ve already noticed a difference.

Instead of running around willy-nilly, I plan at the time of the new moon and then unfold those plans day by day, ordering my activities by how “old”the moon is, which is roughly in harmony with the chart above. Some believe this practice has an astrological or magical power; I merely think it’s a smart way to live in greater harmony with God’s creative plan.

I have also found that my energy levels wax and wane in very similar fashion to the way they’re described on the guide above. This has helped me understand myself more and not get frustrated when my energy is ebbing.

For example, the New Moon was January 9/10, so I set rested and set my intentions around that time. This past week during the Waxing Crescent, I executed the plan: a robust series of actions that “launched”those intentions into their first stage.

Once the Full Moon hits, it will be time to tie up loose ends, wrap up projects and “reap the harvest” of what was planted, until planning and executing starts again.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this new kind of scheduling is that it gives order to my month. (Kind of the point of having a rhythm anyway, right?) Instead of frenetically executing with little planning, I have a planned series of ups and downs, activities and rest.

It feels far less like pulling teeth. And a lot more, well, natural.

I suppose that’s why they call it “natural.”

The one challenge I have found is that my clients and friends don’t follow this cycle, so getting work scheduled during the right time of month is challenging. In the future I’ll probably stipulate that certain kinds of work happen at certain times, for best results, as part of the initial contract terms with new clients.

We’re not there yet, of course . . . but this is baby steps. Right?

By now you may be thinking I’ve gone totally off the “deep end.” But lest you think I am totally alone in this, I have heard more discussion rising recently around biodynamics and biorhythms. These rhythms and dynamics might involve something like the lunar cycle, which I’m currently using. They might involve something more personal: tracking one’s individual, unique physical, emotional and intellectual cycles over the passage of time.

Imagine knowing yourself at a much deeper level—being able to plan activities and gauge your own capacity for performance by wherever you are in your own established cycle!

Maybe we’d all have smarter expectations of ourselves.

Maybe we’d all be a little bit kinder to ourselves.

Maybe even a bit more successful.

As one writer notes:

“Much has been said recently about the importance of women’s leadership at this time and that the leaders of the future (whether male or female) will embody what we think of as “feminine” qualities.  In my view, a powerful fast track to embodying feminine leadership is working consciously with the rhythms of the moon.”
Liz Rivers

While I’m not yet convinced this is some kind of “fast track,” I am observing through my own experience that there is something to be said for the peace and progress it brings.

I’m excited to see where this new exploration takes me in the lunar cycles ahead.

In fact, I’m over the moon about it.

*  *  *

How about you?  Have you tried biorhythms or biodynamics
as a planning method for your life or creative work?
If so, what has been your experience?

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